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How to Catch Bluefish

Watch out they bite!!!!  This would be my first piece of advice for any novice trying their luck with catching bluefish.  A good friend of mine is now thumb-less because of mishandling a bluefish.  Not to worry however, if handled properly bluefish are one of the most exciting fish to catch.  They are highly aggressive and […]

Good Fishing Spots in Rhode Island

Rhode Island offers many great fishing locations.  Depending what you are in search for will determine what locations you should head out to.   I will describe what fishing locations I head out to in Rhode Island based on the time of the season it is.   Winter: In the winter if I can brave the […]

How to Catch Northern Pike

Northern Pike,  a fish with a mean face and the attitude to back it up.  They are a highly aggressive fish that are a very popular game fish in the north.  Fishing for northern pike has brought me many exciting fishing trips in the past and would offer the novice fisherman quite the fish story.  The first […]

The Fishing Link

What is the primal connection that men and woman seek while fishing? What is the allure of fishing that attracts so many anglers to the water?  Every year fisherman by the masses flock to the water on opening day trout season.  Why is this?  I have been pondering these questions my whole life.  I for one […]

Artificial Bait

If you are a novice or veteran fisherman looking to stock up on some new fishing gear it is easy to be overwhelmed walking down the fishing isle of your local Walmart or Bait Shop.  Don’t fret my friend as I will hopefully shed some light on making the right selection.  If will definitely help knowing at least […]

Fishing Baits

In general the novice fisherman is eager to get his or her fish on the line as fast as possible.  That being said they probably care less about what species of fish they catch as long as they don’t go home empty handed on their first trip out.  A bait that is very versatile that […]

Gulf Fisherman Concerns – How is the Oil Spill Going to Affect the Recreational Fisherman?

I have failed to read any articles posted recently about how the BP/Deepwater Horizon Oil spill will affect the 2011 recreational fishing season in the gulf coast.  My hope is that its impact will be minimal, but I fear that that is not the case.  Considering that it was calculated that 4.9 Million gallons of […]

How to Cast a Fishing Rod

Before you can learn how to cast a fishing rod it is important for you to understand the separate parts of a fishing rod and reel. A fishing rod and reel are actually two separate units that are interchangeable. The fishing rod is the long bendable shaft that has loops called “eyes” in it where […]

Basic Fishing Knots (With Video)

There are a variety of knots that can be used while fishing.  I will go over a few of the basic ones and demonstrate with some video samples.  Each type of knot that I am going to demonstrate may have some slight variation from one fisherman to the other, but in general they are all […]

10 Best Fishing Tips For the Beginner Fisherman

Below (in my opinion) are the ten best fishing tips and advice for the beginner fisherman.  You may agree or disagree with the below advice so feel free to leave your comments below.  I cannot promise you the best fishing experience if you follow the below tips but I am certain that these tips will […]