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2015 Fishing Season

It has been a long time since I last made a post on this old site, mostly because it was offline for over a year unfortunately.  Apparently I should have been more proactive about my domain renewals as there are individuals out there that were looking to purchase and old on to this popular domain. […]

Bluefish in Narragansett Bay in November?

This has been a particularly odd fishing year as the typical fish patterns have been all off the charts.  Recently large schools of bluefish were being caught in Narragansett bay in November.  This is highly unusual as usually the last  bluefish are caught the last weeks of September and sometimes early October.  To catch Bluefish in the bay in November is […]

What Fishing Line Strength Should I Use

Determining the correct fishing line to use is a critical component to catching more fish.  Very often you will hear anglers tell a fish story of the “one that got away” because their line snapped.  You may also hear some inexperienced angler complain that they fished all day and caught nothing, while the fisherman around […]

Things Not To Do While Fishing

This website is filled with numerous articles written about tips and advice, but I think it is also important to express the things that you should never do while fishing.  I hope this article helps to educate the next generation of fishermen to have good fishing etiquette.  It upsets me to see fishermen that have […]

Shore Fishing vs. Boat Fishing

When I was younger and fished from shore I always knew that I wanted to have a decent sized fishing boat to help increase my odds of catching more and bigger fish.  I always assumed that fishermen that had boats were all experts and knew exactly where the fish were, as many of them would […]

How to Bait a Fishing Hook

A variety of techniques can be used to properly bait a fishing hook.  This article will cover the most popular methods of properly baiting a fishing hook.  Proper baiting is important, if a fish hook is improperly baited it will lead to waisting your bait, time and money.  Every angler has his or her method […]

Fishing Tackle for Beginners

If you have been wanting to try your luck fishing for the first time, but was unsure as to what tackle to buy, where to go or where to get your fishing license then please continue reading as this article should help point you in the right direction.  Many novice anglers feel a little overwhelmed their […]

Where Do I Get My 2011 Fishing License

Any local bait shop should give you the option to purchase your 2011 fishing license.  Also a majority of other stores offer the option to purchase a fishing license.  Some other stores include Walmart, Benny’s, Some K-mart stores and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Beginners sometime grumble about having to purchase a fishing license, but it is […]

Bluegill Fishing

Lets give credit where credit is due fellow fisherman. If it were not for catching your first Bluegill when you were still in elementary school with your mickey mouse rod you may not have become the fisherman you are today.  Many anglers get frustrated when they catch a Bluegill or Pumpkin Seed, but not me, I […]

Artificial Bait

If you are a novice or veteran fisherman looking to stock up on some new fishing gear it is easy to be overwhelmed walking down the fishing isle of your local Walmart or Bait Shop.  Don’t fret my friend as I will hopefully shed some light on making the right selection.  If will definitely help knowing at least […]