The Fishing Link

What is the primal connection that men and woman seek while fishing? What is the allure of fishing that attracts so many anglers to the water?  Every year fisherman by the masses flock to the water on opening day trout season.  Why is this?  I have been pondering these questions my whole life.  I for one am one of those crazy men that awake way before the sun breaks to head to the ponds and streams, but why?  I apologize but I think this post may have more questions then answers.  

Man Fishing at Carbuncle Pond (Rhode Island)

Man Fishing at Carbuncle Pond (Rhode Island)

One may speculate that fishing is an activity that links us to our more primal beings providing for our families as hunters and gatherers, as we must have performed this action of fishing for hundreds of centuries.  It must be ingrained in us all, the activity is built right into our DNA.  We must feel this connection with fishing as the matter that is of fish is the matter of us.  We are the fish and the fish are us.  They are made of the same atoms and carbon as we are, not just because we may have all descended from a common ancestor, but because we have been feeding on the species for thousands of years. 

We truly must respect the fish as if it was not for them providing us high levels of protein we would have never evolved into the thinking species we are today.  Fishing is truly an act that links us with our past in a very biological and chemical way.  I know when I am fishing I feel extremely connected with all that is around me, it almost places me on another plateau of consciousness.  Maybe it is just because I force myself to be self aware of my surroundings, but I deeply feel there is something else on a spiritual level.  The ironic thing is that when I feel spiritually connected with the activity of fishing I catch more fish.  When I really think about the fish/nature and what they are providing  for me I have successful fishing trips.  On the contrary when I am just eager to catch fish I generally go home empty handed.

It is only when I have a deep level of respect for nature and for fishing do I catch fish.  The strangest part of this is when I reach this level of relaxation and connectedness I could care less even if I do catch fish.  Like many things in life it is like taking a leap of faith.  If you are just eager to catch fish, you probably wont.  But if you take the time to fully understand nature you will.  But by the time it takes you to fully understand nature you may not want to disturb the tranquility of what it is. 

I always try to keep a high level of respect for the fish and nature while fishing.  I only take what I need to provide for myself and for my family.  When you catch your first fish you cannot help but feel excited, but I am sure that every veteran fisherman has had to make the decision to keep or throw back.  I feel that it is at this moment you are making the decision to respect nature or not.  I urge all fisherman to respect nature and only take what is needed for you and your families and not to be wasteful.  

I also urge all beginner fisherman to take the time to realy understand nature and your surroundings.  Do this not to catch more fish, but to experience fishing on a whole new level of enjoyment.  Catching fish is just one small piece of the entire experience.

Good Luck and Tight Lines.

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