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Good Fishing Spots in Rhode Island

Rhode Island offers many great fishing locations.  Depending what you are in search for will determine what locations you should head out to.   I will describe what fishing locations I head out to in Rhode Island based on the time of the season it is.

Rhode Island Fishing Locations

Rhode Island Fishing Locations

In the winter if I can brave the cold conditions and want to do some ice fishing I always head to the Woonasquatucket Reservoir as it is a short drive and offers many good results.  You can catch large perch and northern pike at this time of the season. Here are some Perch fishing tips that can be used in Rhode Island waters.  Just be sure to check with the RI DEM office to ensure that the ice is safe to fish on.  I have seen anglers on the lake probably way before it is safe to walk on.  I sometimes head to the Washington Management Area as well as they have been lowering the pond levels which has been condensing the fish populations.

Durring opening day trout season which is always the second saturday in april in Rhode Island I head out to either Carbuncle pond in Coventry or the Break Heart Pond in Arcadia.  Both locations have produced good trout fishing results.  I have had good results in these ponds as well in the past, Indian Lake, Wordens Pond, Watchaug Pond, Beach Pond and Sayles Reservoir.  Also around this time the schoolie stripers start to come up the bay.  I frequent Sabin Point right off of the peninsula,  StillHouse Cove,  Crescent Beach,  Watchemoket Cove, Bold Point and India Point.  There always seems to be some carry over from the fall of some larger stripers that have attendancy to stay in the warmer waters generated by the electric company in that location.  I definately would not recommend consuming any stripers that come from that water however.

Any of the ponds I listed above will produce decent size Largemouth and Smallmouth bass as this time.  I do have attendancy to fish the early morning hours before sunrise however.  I always get much better luck.  It is a strange phenominon but as soon as the sun gets high enough to start warming up the air the fish bite seems to die down rapidly.  I generally will head out at 4:00am and fish until 8:00am.   In regards to saltwater fishing the bluefish start arriving in late june and will stay until almost october.  Anywhere in the bay is good, but look for working birds and stick to the beach areas where the visibility is good.  Scup arrive in July and offer hours of fun when you can find a large school.  I have had good luck scup fishing at the following locations, North side of patience island,  South side of patience island, Hope Island, North of Jamestown, Dutch Island and Beavertail.  The west wall in jamestown also produces well for scup.  Flounder fishing heats up in July as well around Quanset point and east greenwhich cove.  Also anywhere you can spot a large collection of recreational fishing boats along the south shore will likely produce good results for the day. 

In the fall some places to look before the action dies down would be the deeper lakes and ponds that can retain a little more heat durring the cooler nights.  Some of the deeper ponds that I have fished in the fall are Worden’s pond, Carbuncle Pond and the George Washington Lake.

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