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2012 Trout Fishing Season

As the winter lumbers on many anglers are already feeling the itch to get back on the water for the 2012 fishing year.  For most anglers “Opening Day Trout Fishing” generally marks the start of the year for them.  I honestly loose sleep before the first day of trout fishing.  I think I sleep better […]

How to Catch Blue Catfish

After you have caught some average size freshwater fish and want to give yourself a real fishing challenge you may want to consider fishing for the Blue Catfish.  It is one of the largest freshwater species of fish and delivers one of the best fishing experiences an angler can ask for.  Because of their large size and […]

How to Catch Trout in a River

Trout fishing in a river can be a very exciting experience as it keeps the recreational angler interested for long periods of time.  Generally trout will swim up and down the river throughout the course of a day which means that the potential targets are always changing when fishing a bend in a river.  The […]

Crappie Fishing Tips

I realize that the title of this post may be a little misleading, but honestly these fishing tips are are not that “Crappie”. After sunfish Crappie would probably be the second best fish for beginners to start fishing for. They grow a little larger and offer a little more substantial fight than the average Bluegill. […]

Muskie Fishing Tips

I realize that Muskies are probably not the best fish for fishing beginners, but I figured some new anglers want to start off with a challenge or feel as if they have reached a skill level where they want to put their previous experiences to the test. In any case Muskie fishing offers many challenges […]

Perch Fishing Tips

Do you feel as if you have graduated from catching Bluegills or Sunfish?  Then a good species to target next would be the Yellow Perch.  Perch are great to fish for if you are a novice angler as they are relatively easy to catch.   They generally offer fast fishing action in many conditions. You need to have […]

Brook Trout Fishing

Have you ever seen an oil painting or photo of the woods of new hampshire with a beatiful slow moving  clear blue river running through it.  The kind of tranquel river that is calming to the soul and helps you to forget about all the anxieties of your life.  The sound of the slow moving […]

How to Catch Salmon

Get ready for a show.  Salmon are known to put on quite the acrobatic display once on the line.  They also offer a very aggressive fight.  Salmon are very similar to trout in regards to fishing methods and often times trout are caught directly alongside trout.  Many stocked ponds have species of trout and salmon […]

How to catch catfish

The great thing about catfish fishing is that catfish are everywhere.  The second great thing about catfish fishing is that catfish can grow very large.  Some of the largest catfish caught have weighed over 200lbs.  The demographics of catfish and thier large size make them a very popular sports-fish all over the world.  Their are a […]

How to Catch Walleye

There are generally many questions about Walleye fishing which is probably due to their elusive nature as well as their difficulty to catch for the beginner angler.  I hope this article will take some of the mystery out of Walleye fishing.  Walleyes are a fish with a rather interesting history as they were only native to […]