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2011 a Great Year for Stripers

With the vast numbers of bait-fish in Narragansett bay and all along the eastern coast. 2011 is turning into one of the best fishing years on record. If you still consider yourself a rookie this would be a great year to get hooked on fishing. You don’t need much experience this year to land a […]

How to Catch Striped Bass from Shore

A variety of methods can be used to catch striped bass from shore.  Many of the most popular techniques require you to have a decent sized fishing rod with a rather heavy weighted line that is good for long casts.  What many anglers do not consider often is that if you hook into a fairly large […]

Saltwater Fishing for Beginners

Saltwater fishing can be very exciting to a new fisherman, that is if you know where to find the fish and how to catch them.  This article will give you some good tips and advice to get you started.  If this is your first time heading out to the ocean it is always a good […]

How to Catch Tarpon

So your a beginner fisherman and you want to land a “Morning Monster”;  AKA Tarpon. Be forewarned they grow quite large and you may want to consider starting off with a smaller saltwater fish like, bluefish, Scup or even striped bass. But if you have your heart set on landing a lunker on your first […]

How to Catch Menhaden

Have you ever seen a flock of sparrows flying in unison. They all seem to move so well together you would swear it almost looks like a singular organism. Menhaden swim in much the same manner, all bundled up close to one another and moving in harmony with each other.  They find strength in numbers and […]

Tautog Fishing Tips

If I were to submit a fish into a beauty contest, it would NOT be a Tautog.  They are by far one of the most unattractive looking fish, but very good tasting. Their crooked teeth, fat lips and high forehead make them look like a star wars character.  Many anglers express great frustration both trying to […]

How to Catch Flounder

 I have many fond memories of flounder fishing on my fathers boat.  Flounder fishing is always a very fun way to catch a meal.  It is not as fast action as catching Bluefish and does not have the same challenges of finding stripers.  Flounder always seem to be in a consistant location and the catch […]

Striped Bass Fishing Tips

Striped bass or Stripers are by far one of the most majestic fish in the ocean.  When you catch your first striped bass and hold it in your hands you will know what I mean.  There is an aura about these fish that can only be felt by feeling their tough scales and looking into […]

What Color Fishing Lure Should I Use?

The difference between an good fishing trip and an excellent fishing trip could be as simple as a color change of your fishing lure.  But what color should you choose.  This has been a difficult question that has plagued fisherman for many years.  I hope that I can shed some “color” on the matter.   Before I begin […]

Scup Fishing

Are you seeking some fast action saltwater fishing for a novice to intermediate level fisherman?  If you have never tried scup fishing then you are in for a real treat.  Scup or butter-fish are a blast to catch and offer non stop action if you can find a decent school.  I have brought numerous first time fisherman […]