Monthly Archives: September 2010

Walleye fishing tips for the recreational angler

Fishermen in North America love when winter finally ends. It’s time to dust the cobwebs off of their fishing rods and get ready for a new season. For fishermen angling for walleye, it’s an especially anxious time of year, because they know that walleye spawning season is beginning, therefore a great time to go after […]

Using the proper bass fishing guide to enhance your experience

The sport of bass fishing has in recent years become the most popular type of freshwater fishing in America. Children and adults alike are taking to lakes and rivers in record numbers to take on the challenge. For this reason, it has become even more important to select a bass fishing guide that can assist […]

Planning exciting deep sea fishing trips

There are few sports in the world that are as exhilarating as deep sea fishing. As it continues to increase in popularity, especially among recreational anglers and families, a growing number of outfitters and travel agencies have organized deep sea fishing trips designed to add pleasure and excitement. Most deep sea fishing trips involve multi-night […]

Fishing hats and their importance in protecting from elements

Fishing hats play a very important role for any fishermen, no matter the type of outing. Several key features distinguish each hat, and make one hat better than the next. Quality fishing hats cost about the same as a standard baseball cap, and can be found at most leading sporting goods stores. As mentioned above, […]

Finding the right deep sea fishing charters

There are a great number of deep sea fishing charters available throughout the United States coastlines and on other continents and islands as well, making it hard to know where to start your search and what to look for. Doing proper research and collecting solid references will go a long way toward selecting deep sea […]

Enjoying the thrills of northern pike fishing

Pike is a fish that can be found in abundant supply in the lakes and rivers of the Northern United States and Canada. They are also in plentiful supply in the inland waters of Europe, and even a saltwater population in the Baltic Sea. Northern pike fishing offers anglers a great opportunity to snag a […]

Differences in saltwater fishing rods

Saltwater fishing rods have gone through remarkable changes over the years, yet as modern technology and innovation creeps into many areas of society, saltwater fishing rods stand the test of time when constructed with the right materials and when carefully taken care of. There are generally just two materials used for most modern saltwater fishing […]