Monthly Archives: October 2010

How to Ice Fish

First of all you need to make sure that the ice is safe to walk on.  Check or call your local DEM office to have them check the ice for you.  Also dress warm as frost bite is a big concern for fisherman.  It is always a few degrees colder on the ice, with the […]

How to Fly Fish

There is much to know when it comes to fly fishing.  It is by far one of the more complicated fishing techniques that takes years to master.  It is one of the most elegant versions of fishing however and if mastered properly can generate some great results.  There is an elegance to fly fishing that […]

Bass Fishing Tips and Tricks

There is truly much to know about Bass fishing.  Anglers spend years trying to master the art of landing a keeper largemouth.  Here is some advice from my experiences. Best location for bass fishing: Bass generally like cover, as in weeds, downed limbs, Lilly pads etc.  They generally camp out in these areas until they […]