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The One That Got Away

Last year, I was sitting down at the river, fishing for some catfish, which had been growing to gigantic sizes at that time. I had just sat down, and I took a quick check on my mini tackle box (for when I pond fish. I decided to pack lighter that day, so I loaded it up with Circle hooks, weights, ect.)and casted my bait caster out to the middle of the river, where the current led all the fish into. After I had let my bait settle to the bottom, I clipped a bell onto my braided line, and sat down to read a nice book. After about 15 minutes, I looked at my bell only to see that it wasn’t set on the line properly (I had accidently put it onto my guide) and I reset it. I was about to sit back down when the bell started going off like crazy! I picked up my combo and start reeling in my catch. After I had start reeling it, the line went taut (and my spirits dropped). I reeled it in just a bit and there my line went, the line was squealing off of my reel, and my drag was nearing full. The fish was winning the fight. I gave another adjustment to the drag, and started cranking. I finally had the advantage, and I could feel the fish nearing the surface, I only had a few feet to go. The fish had given up when I got it to the surface. This fish was a monster,  way over 10 pounds, and I started to lift him out of the water and then, “SNAP!” My Fishing line was gone. I was so despaired. I went home and thought about what I could have done different, and I thought only one thing. It was, “Next time, bring a net.” So remember fishermen, new and old, always bring a net along, so that that, ‘Monster Fish’, doesn’t become, ‘The One that got away’, like mine did.

Submitted By: Kai S.

 The following fish story was submitted to our weekly fish story contest for the week of 1/30/2010. If you would like to enter next weeks fish story contest for a chance to win fishing related prizes (Tackle, Rods, Reels, Electronics and other Fishing Gear) please submit your fish story or become my (Adam Fisher’s) friend on facebook by clicking the button below and ask about the contest. 

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