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I Got Hooked

One mid summer day I was going to go fishing in a small pond at a shooting club. When I got there I decided to try to catch some stocked trout. So, i tied on a metal Phoebe fish in gold, but as I was tying on my lure, my fingers slid across my line and my hook was lodged in the base of my thumb. I tried to yank it out with pliers but it hurt to much and the barb was making it impossiblle to move the hook through the flesh of my poor thumb. So we drove to the nearest ER to have the hook pried from my thumb. I sat in a waiting room for probably two hours so they could clear a room for me. Finally i was able to go in and get a shot of novicane. The doctor took some sort of a needle and covered the barb of the hook and it slid out quite easily.The only thing I got out of that day was a pair of pliers that the doctor used to pull out the hook with. Needless to say the only thing my lures caught that day was me.

Submitted By:  John B.

 The following fish story was submitted to our weekly fish story contest for the week of 1/30/2010. If you would like to enter next weeks fish story contest for a chance to win fishing related prizes (Tackle, Rods, Reels, Electronics and other Fishing Gear) please submit your fish story or become my (Adam Fisher’s) friend on facebook by clicking the button below and ask about the contest. 

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