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The Day My Love for Bass Fishing Hit High Gear

One hot summer afternoon I snuck out to the honey hole my best friend and I came across. My buddy was working so I took it upon myself to wack a couple bass. This pond was so good I had never experienced an untouched body of water with fish in it before. The spot had no fishing signs posted on the side which were close to the condos so we stuck to the side without, I planned on playing dumb if we were questioned. I had caught maybe 10 fish ranging from a half pound to two and a half. I saved the best pocket which was a small canal that attached to the pond. I was throwing a strike king spinnerbait which was black/blue with a chompers trailer attached. I casted out and brought it in fairly quick, I suddenly felt a thump and killed it. Reeled up the slack and set

Bob G.

the hook with a vengeance. Up came a 5.5lb bass which was still on the bed. She was fat and healthy. I was using a medium heavy extreme rod with a Team Daiwa Bradia reel. I fought this bass for about 3 minutes letting out drag from time to time and finally managed to get it in. I had achieved a great feat, this was a fish of a lifetime for southern Ohio. I actually collapsed as I lipped her, it felt like a high that no drug could even come close to. I had to get a picture of the fish. I knocked on a resident’s door and got a couple quick pics of the fish and then released her and will be back this spring looking for her again!!

Submitted by Bob G.

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