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Winter Reds

Wow, the inshore redfishing this past month has been amazing. With these last couple of cold fronts we have had followed by these warm days in South West Florida have drove the Redfish up on the flats. I am fishing out of a Ranger Banshee Extreem, a great boat to poll the flats, stealth is the key. Although the bite isn’t that aggressive, Redfish can’t seem to resist a shrimp on a 1/4 ounce jig head placed just right. I have found a few schools of fish up on the flats ranging from 5 to 9 pounds. With that in mind if you don’t have access to a small skiff you can always anchor up around deep cuts in the mongroves with good water flow. There are an abundance of reds, sheepshead, and flounder that are always waiting on a shrimp to drift by. When fishing the trees like I said before use a 1/4 once jig head or number 1 circle hook with live or dead shrimp, crap usually

Justin A.

tends to bring the better reds in. The best bite has been around the last part of incoming tide when fishing the tides. If you are looking to get some “taling reds” the best bet is early in the morning or late in the afternoon but, keep in mind these winter tides seem to draw the water to a low mean tide. When looking for these fish taling look around oyster bars fish seem to hang out around there. If you don’t have boat access there is amazing wade fishing around Big Carlos pass back behind the beach. The reds have been biting really well on a gulp jerk bait rigged weedless, I usually use a 2/0 Mustad impact soft plastic to rig my baits. Lighter color baits have been the key with the water being clear. With all this in mind always remember to be safe and obey all local and federal laws. GOOD LUCK!

Submitted by Justin A.

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