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Fishing Baits

In general the novice fisherman is eager to get his or her fish on the line as fast as possible.  That being said they probably care less about what species of fish they catch as long as they don’t go home empty handed on their first trip out.  A bait that is very versatile that […]

How to Cast a Fishing Rod

Before you can learn how to cast a fishing rod it is important for you to understand the separate parts of a fishing rod and reel. A fishing rod and reel are actually two separate units that are interchangeable. The fishing rod is the long bendable shaft that has loops called “eyes” in it where […]

Basic Fishing Knots (With Video)

There are a variety of knots that can be used while fishing.  I will go over a few of the basic ones and demonstrate with some video samples.  Each type of knot that I am going to demonstrate may have some slight variation from one fisherman to the other, but in general they are all […]

10 Best Fishing Tips For the Beginner Fisherman

Below (in my opinion) are the ten best fishing tips and advice for the beginner fisherman.  You may agree or disagree with the below advice so feel free to leave your comments below.  I cannot promise you the best fishing experience if you follow the below tips but I am certain that these tips will […]

Bass Fishing Tips and Tricks

There is truly much to know about Bass fishing.  Anglers spend years trying to master the art of landing a keeper largemouth.  Here is some advice from my experiences. Best location for bass fishing: Bass generally like cover, as in weeds, downed limbs, Lilly pads etc.  They generally camp out in these areas until they […]

Walleye fishing tips for the recreational angler

Fishermen in North America love when winter finally ends. It’s time to dust the cobwebs off of their fishing rods and get ready for a new season. For fishermen angling for walleye, it’s an especially anxious time of year, because they know that walleye spawning season is beginning, therefore a great time to go after […]

Enjoying the thrills of northern pike fishing

Pike is a fish that can be found in abundant supply in the lakes and rivers of the Northern United States and Canada. They are also in plentiful supply in the inland waters of Europe, and even a saltwater population in the Baltic Sea. Northern pike fishing offers anglers a great opportunity to snag a […]

Differences in saltwater fishing rods

Saltwater fishing rods have gone through remarkable changes over the years, yet as modern technology and innovation creeps into many areas of society, saltwater fishing rods stand the test of time when constructed with the right materials and when carefully taken care of. There are generally just two materials used for most modern saltwater fishing […]