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Walleye fishing tips for the recreational angler

Fishermen in North America love when winter finally ends. It’s time to dust the cobwebs off of their fishing rods and get ready for a new season. For fishermen angling for walleye, it’s an especially anxious time of year, because they know that walleye spawning season is beginning, therefore a great time to go after that trophy walleye. Walleye fishing tips are plentiful for the angler looking to add patience to their fishing resume, as walleye tend to be tricky at times to snag.

Walleye is found in most regions of North America, however it’s important to understand and know exactly where to find them. Walleye tend to migrate more in deeper freshwater lakes. Most walleye fishing tips will agree that they can be found more in lakes and streams in and around the Northeast and Midwest.

During the spring, while walleye are spawning, snagging them can be a bit tricky. Male walleye are more apt to hang around near the actual spawning sites, while female walleye will wander off during the day and come back at night. They eat quite a bit during the spring as well, since it is their primary resting period. A website with knowledgeable walleye fishing tips will suggest patience, as summertime is the most common time for walleye season in many areas.

During the summer walleye tend to be more active at night, and many fisherman report having better luck after the sun goes down. Insects or worms can be used as bait, and walleye are loved for their ability to put up a good fight. Again, most walleye fishing tips will suggest that patience and perseverance is a big key in landing walleye.

Many walleye fishing tips will also suggest that during the fall can be a very tricky time of year for catching a walleye. Changes in climate and pressure can affect their feeding habits, and walleye will move to waters that produce more oxygen.

Whatever time of year or location that you are planning to fish, consult sources with reputable walleye fishing tips that offer the best wealth of information regarding walleye, and your experience will be heightened as a result.

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