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Enjoying the thrills of northern pike fishing

Pike is a fish that can be found in abundant supply in the lakes and rivers of the Northern United States and Canada. They are also in plentiful supply in the inland waters of Europe, and even a saltwater population in the Baltic Sea. Northern pike fishing offers anglers a great opportunity to snag a great fish that puts up a mighty battle.

The average life span of a northern pike is between five and 15 years, however they have been known to live for up to 30 years. The months of May and June are the prime months for northern pike fishing, as spawning season occurs during this time.

During this time of year, pike tend to gravitate toward warm, weedy shallows of lakes, as do many of the fish that pike prey upon. Pike feed on fish such as minnow and perch, and tend to congregate in clusters when spawning. Knowing where and when to find them is a big key to northern pike fishing.  I often use  perch as bait while Northern Pike fishing.  For some advice as to how to catch perch read my article about Perch fishing tips.

Once spawning season has passed, and the summer months approach, pile will move to deeper waters, but will still congregate among weedy beds and narrower channels. Pike are natural predators, and prefer good cover in order to ambush their prey. An advantage to northern pike fishing is understanding their tendencies, and familiarizing yourself with the local rivers and lakes to gain the advantage.

Different tactics can be utilized in northern pike fishing. Using colorful lures, such as red, black or orange, can work well on sunny days, while gold and silver can be more attractive to a pike when the weather is overcast. Northern pike fishing at times can be more of an art form than science, so it’s important to experiment with different tactics to realize what works best in different climate conditions.

Many anglers will opt for catch and release, giving others a chance to fight with the fish. Some however are ready for a tasty meal. Pike is an excellent eating fish when prepared properly. Larger pike can be filleted fairly easily.

Northern pike fishing certainly offers many challenges, and anglers will be sure to enjoy a great experience in the great waters of the Northern climates.

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