2015 Fishing Season

It has been a long time since I last made a post on this old site, mostly because it was offline for over a year unfortunately.  Apparently I should have been more proactive about my domain renewals as there are individuals out there that were looking to purchase and old on to this popular domain.  But this is all behind us now and the site is once again back online!

I am looking forward to wonderful 2015 fishing season this year.  I plan to add many more articles over the next coming months, that I hope are informative, educational and possibly humerus as well.  I also plan to post many more videos this year with some new technology that I have acquired.  If there are any articles or topics that you would like to read about please feel free to email me at adam@fishingforbeginners.net.

So far the topics that I have lined up this year to write about are as follows.

  • Best fishing locations for the 2015 fishing season
  • Expansion of fly fishing techniques
  • Expansion of striped bass fishing techniques
  • Expansion of shark fishing techniques
  • Expansion of cooking recipes

Keep your comments coming in.  I love to hear your feedback.  Looking forward to the spring and posting many trophy fish photos soon!

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