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Bluefish in Narragansett Bay in November?

This has been a particularly odd fishing year as the typical fish patterns have been all off the charts.  Recently large schools of bluefish were being caught in Narragansett bay in November.  This is highly unusual as usually the last  bluefish are caught the last weeks of September and sometimes early October.  To catch Bluefish in the bay in November is highly unusual.  Also earlier in the season catching bluefish was particularly difficult as very few seemed to be around.  The strange part was however that their were many large bait fish found all over the bay.  Stripers were being caught on a regular basis, but the bluefish were few and far between.  The menhaden were also very large this year.  Some suspect that the Russian fish drager never returned after Hurricane Irene and allowed many of the larger Menhaden to stay in the bay.  Tautog fishing has been regular and so was the Scup fishing, but the Bluefish and Menhaden seemed to be on their own schedule this past year.  Every year seems a little unique, but this has been one of the strangest years that I can remember.

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