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2011 a Great Year for Stripers

Broken Gaff

With the vast numbers of bait-fish in Narragansett bay and all along the eastern coast. 2011 is turning into one of the best fishing years on record. If you still consider yourself a rookie this would be a great year to get hooked on fishing. You don’t need much experience this year to land a lunker bass. The largest challenge is just finding what they are feeding on. Once you determine that you can easily fill your quota in 2011. So far this year I have had good luck live lining menhaden and using smaller plugs that mimic the anchovies that they seem to be feeding on.

This lunker Striper pictured on the right was caught by live lining a menhaden in East Greenwich bay.  The stripers that day were very finicky as they had much bait fish in the water to choose from.  But with some persistence a few decent size fish were landed. 

2011 has been somewhat of a strange year as their seems to be an overabundance of bait-fish in Narragansett bay and very few Bluefish chasing them around.  Plenty of decent size bass have been landed however. 

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