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Where Do I Get My 2011 Fishing License

Any local bait shop should give you the option to purchase your 2011 fishing license.  Also a majority of other stores offer the option to purchase a fishing license.  Some other stores include Walmart, Benny’s, Some K-mart stores and Dick’s Sporting Goods.
Beginners sometime grumble about having to purchase a fishing license, but it is in thier best interest as it will increase thier odds of landing fish.

Why do I Need a Fishing License?

There are two main reasons why anglers need to purchase a fishing license.  The first is to help protect and preserve fish populations.  In most states the money collected from the license is  put towards fish stocking and fishery programs which help keep the fish populations up.  It is really in your best interest to buy a fishing license as it increases your odds of catching fish. 

The second major reason is to help educate the public about fishing regulations and possession quotas.  Before fishing licenses and fishing regulations it was open range for any angler to keep as many fish as they saw fit and as our population grew the fish  populations dropped off fairly rapidly.   Fish populations have since rebounded due largely to the fact of licensing and regulations of game fish. 

Who is Required to Have a Fishing License?

This depends largely on where you plan on fishing.  Each state has their own laws regarding what age anglers must be before they need a license.  Check with you local DEM’s office in order to determine at what age you must be before you need to purchase a license.

In some states there are “fish free” days which allow any angler to fish without having a license.  This helps to boost awareness about the wonders of fishing as well as provide and opportunity for newcomers to try out their luck.

Why Do I Need a Trout Stamp?

In some states you can purchase a Trout or Salmon stamp in conjunction with your fishing license.  The money collected for the Trout or Salmon stamp generally goes directly to Trout or Salmon stocking programs.  In most cases a stamp is required for you to keep a Trout or Salmon if you catch one.

How Much Does a Fishing License Cost?

The prices vary by state and can range anywhere from 10 – 30 dollars.  Check your local states DEM website for more detailed information as to where you can purchase one and how much they cost.

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