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How to Catch Trout

If you have never caught a rainbow trout before then you are in for surprise the first time one latches onto your line.  They are an aggressive freshwater fish that offers a good fight for their size.  They are also one of the most colorful freshwater, which is where they received their name from.  Beginners […]

How to Catch Northern Pike

Northern Pike,  a fish with a mean face and the attitude to back it up.  They are a highly aggressive fish that are a very popular game fish in the north.  Fishing for northern pike has brought me many exciting fishing trips in the past and would offer the novice fisherman quite the fish story.  The first […]

How to Ice Fish

First of all you need to make sure that the ice is safe to walk on.  Check or call your local DEM office to have them check the ice for you.  Also dress warm as frost bite is a big concern for fisherman.  It is always a few degrees colder on the ice, with the […]

How to Fly Fish

There is much to know when it comes to fly fishing.  It is by far one of the more complicated fishing techniques that takes years to master.  It is one of the most elegant versions of fishing however and if mastered properly can generate some great results.  There is an elegance to fly fishing that […]

Using the proper bass fishing guide to enhance your experience

The sport of bass fishing has in recent years become the most popular type of freshwater fishing in America. Children and adults alike are taking to lakes and rivers in record numbers to take on the challenge. For this reason, it has become even more important to select a bass fishing guide that can assist […]

Fishing hats and their importance in protecting from elements

Fishing hats play a very important role for any fishermen, no matter the type of outing. Several key features distinguish each hat, and make one hat better than the next. Quality fishing hats cost about the same as a standard baseball cap, and can be found at most leading sporting goods stores. As mentioned above, […]