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Taking a Grandson Fishing

As I woke up before the sun came up. I was looking forward to this day . It was the day that my grandson was going out on the river for the first time. As I got the boat ready my son n law pulled up and I saw the biggest smile on my grandsons face. With his little fishing hat on and caring his tackle bag over his shoulder and rods his hands and his eyes half open because its 5 in the morning. The little guy says good morning Pap lets go rip some lips. I said to myself it’s going to be a wonderful day on the water. As we got to the boat ramp and my grandson is still smiling from ear to ear. We unloaded the boat and headed up river. My 7 year old grandson wants to use his best bait witch is a soft jerk bait. As were fishing along just enjoying the awesome day I hear

Smallie Bass

(PAPPY I GOT ONE) . The smallie is jumping and splashing and peeling his line. He is wide awake now. Hes yelling get’m pap get’m in the net. As he fought the smallie he get’s it closer to the boat and I got the 3 pound smallie in the net . You never seen a smile so big and so proud to be with the boys for the day. Fishing on the Susquehanna River. It’s a day that I’ll never forget and hopefully he will remember for life.

Submitted by Jeff G.

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