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Monster Muskie Landed By Stephen Crook

In this weeks post I wanted to once again highlight the fishing skills of one of my Facebook friends.  Stephen Crook has landed many monster Muskies over the years in the Ontario area.  He is always willing to offer up advice and his fishing experiences and we appreciate him sharing his fishing story with us here at FishingforBeginners.net

Muskie’s are a beautiful fish that are very light in color compared to the Northern Pike.  Northern’s are darker with lighter spots where Muskies are Lighter with sometimes darker spots. The body shapes however are very similar as they come from the same family of fish. Like the Pike they are many sharp teeth so be very careful while handling them.  For some more basic information about fishing for Muskie’s be sure to visit our Muskie Fishing Tips page.

Monster Muskie

The Muskie depicted in the photo to the right was caught on Georgian Bay Ontario by Stephen Crook.

This Muskie was caught trolling outside an Island that has produced big fish generally by casting.  On the day that this monster Muskie was caught Stephen casted the island using bucktails and couldn’t locate a big fish that he had seen earlier in the day. It was getting toward dusk so he decided to troll crank baits in deeper water adjacent to the island.  The fish was caught on a Parrywinkle legendary Georgian Bay crank bait.  The reel used was a Shimano Tekota 500 LC trolling reel.  The Rod was a St. Croix Tournament Legend 8 foot rod.   A single strand handmade metal leader and 100 pound test braid was used to land this lunker.

Thanks again Stephen for sharing your fishing story with FishingforBeginners.net!

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