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How to Catch Bluefish

Watch out they bite!!!!  This would be my first piece of advice for any novice trying their luck with catching bluefish.  A good friend of mine is now thumb-less because of mishandling a bluefish.  Not to worry however, if handled properly bluefish are one of the most exciting fish to catch.  They are highly aggressive and […]

Good Fishing Spots in Rhode Island

Rhode Island offers many great fishing locations.  Depending what you are in search for will determine what locations you should head out to.   I will describe what fishing locations I head out to in Rhode Island based on the time of the season it is.   Winter: In the winter if I can brave the […]

Planning exciting deep sea fishing trips

There are few sports in the world that are as exhilarating as deep sea fishing. As it continues to increase in popularity, especially among recreational anglers and families, a growing number of outfitters and travel agencies have organized deep sea fishing trips designed to add pleasure and excitement. Most deep sea fishing trips involve multi-night […]

Finding the right deep sea fishing charters

There are a great number of deep sea fishing charters available throughout the United States coastlines and on other continents and islands as well, making it hard to know where to start your search and what to look for. Doing proper research and collecting solid references will go a long way toward selecting deep sea […]