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2012 Trout Fishing Season

As the winter lumbers on many anglers are already feeling the itch to get back on the water for the 2012 fishing year.  For most anglers “Opening Day Trout Fishing” generally marks the start of the year for them.  I honestly loose sleep before the first day of trout fishing.  I think I sleep better […]

2011 a Great Year for Stripers

With the vast numbers of bait-fish in Narragansett bay and all along the eastern coast. 2011 is turning into one of the best fishing years on record. If you still consider yourself a rookie this would be a great year to get hooked on fishing. You don’t need much experience this year to land a […]

Can Bass See Color?

This is a topic that comes up many times when discussing bass lures, and the proper colors to use. Biologists know that bass can see colors, and they probably can see red and green better than a human. Bass also have better visual acuity, which helps them during daylight and the darker periods of the […]

The One That Got Away

Last year, I was sitting down at the river, fishing for some catfish, which had been growing to gigantic sizes at that time. I had just sat down, and I took a quick check on my mini tackle box (for when I pond fish. I decided to pack lighter that day, so I loaded it […]

I Got Hooked

One mid summer day I was going to go fishing in a small pond at a shooting club. When I got there I decided to try to catch some stocked trout. So, i tied on a metal Phoebe fish in gold, but as I was tying on my lure, my fingers slid across my line […]

Happy New Year

It was cold out as my cup of coffee and I watched the sun come up. I was the only one awake, the first day of the New Year! The temperature was a mild 48 and expected to get up to 63 degrees. Although it was overcast and we had friends that stayed overnight with […]

Contest Prizes

Below are a selection of prizes for this weeks fish story contest.  Upon winning you may select one prize from the list below.   

The Day I Lost My Favorite Rod

Just like any other Saturday I went out to go fish, but this was like no other. I was at a usual catfishing pond with my buddy Richard. About two hours into the day I started to chum the water and tons of channel cats were in front of us, we’ve never seen so many […]

You Caught That Where?

Over the years i’ve fished for all species of bass from Maine to Florida and from Virginia to California. I have fished tournaments on man made reservoirs like Table Rock Lake and Bull Shoals in Missouri, or guided on giant lakes like Okeechobee, Champlain or Ontario or cut my competitive bass fishing teeth on the […]

Taking a Grandson Fishing

As I woke up before the sun came up. I was looking forward to this day . It was the day that my grandson was going out on the river for the first time. As I got the boat ready my son n law pulled up and I saw the biggest smile on my grandsons […]