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Fishing Report January 2011

Well it is the first day of the 2011 fishing year.  Fishing is slow in Rhode Island,  very slow that is.  All of the ponds and lakes are not cold enough for ice fishing and the Bass and Pike are still in deep water, so this makes for a good weekend to kick your feet up and watch the Pats.  I have heard reports of some Bass being taken from shore, but with limited access to open water and decent ice conditions their is not much fishing to report. 

I have seen some Striper fisherman near the electric company however,  you may get lucky and land a stayover bass inside the hurricane barrier.  Another option would be to head north to Vermon, New Hampshire and Maine where the ice fishing has started, just be sure to call the local DEM office first, before you head out onto the ice.

Most species metabolism has slowed down, however some of the larger Bass and Pike may be heading into shallower waters finding comfort in the shade that is provided by the ice.  If you can find a decent hole in the ice it may be worth the effort of droppind a live shiner or grub to see what is arround.

Some decent size Pike have been landed around this time of the season close to shore using live bait whith no weight or bobber.

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