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Bass Fishing in Montana

Montana is known to have some of the best Trout fly fishing in the country, but there are some fairly large Bass that have been landed from this northern state as well.  You may want to consider a rafting trip on one of its various rivers and stop on the way to land a trophy Largemouth.

 This article will highlight many of the popular bass fishing locations in Montana as well as offer some useful tips and advice for bass fishing in and around Montana.   Some other popular species to try and fish for while in Montana are Trout, Perch, Bluegill, Crappie, Salmon and Catfish.  Montana is also a popular destination for Ice fishing given its cooler climate and extended winters.  Montana is littered with lakes and ponds to choose from.  Just be sure to have a guide or at least talk to a local before you venture up to Montana for some Bass fishing.

Popular Bass Fishing Locations in Montana

Below are a list of lakes and ponds in Montana that are popular Bass fishing locations.

  • Ajax Lake
  • Albino Lake
  • Anchor Lake
  • Angler Lake
  • Arnolds Pond
  • Baney Lake
  • Barb Lake
  • Bear Lake
  • Berry Lake
  • Betts Lake
  • Blaire Lake
  • Blue Lake
  • Boatman Lake
  • Blanchard Pond
  • Cherry Lake
  • Conklin Lake
  • Coyote Lake
  • Crater Lake
  • Crescent Lake
  • Crystal Lake
  • Elf Lake
  • Emerald Lake
  • Fairy Lake
  • Glen Lake
  • Grace Lake
  • Granite Lake
  • Hamby Lake
  • Harkness lake
  • Lily Lake
  • Lion Lake

Bait Shops in Montana

  • Sportsman’s Bait & Tackle
    2112 13th Street South, Great Falls, MT
    (406) 453-1472
  • Reller’s Bent Willow
    108 South Front Street, Townsend, MT
    (406) 266-4339
  • Montana Bait & Tackle
    PO Box 22092, Billings, MT
    (406) 672-5905
  • Cross Country Bait & Supply
    419 15th Street West, Billings, MT
    (406) 281-0027
  • Hookup Bait Co
    106 Yellowstone Avenue, Billings, MT
    (406) 281-0590
  • Winston Store Llc
    6473 U.S. highway 287, Winston, MT
    (406) 227-5597
  • Parks’ Fly Shop
    202 South 2nd Street, Gardiner, MT
    (406) 848-7314

General Tips and Advice for Catching Bass

Bass will hide out in areas with natural or man made cover.  Look for weed beds, tree limbs that have fallen in the water or large patches of Lilly pads.  They are an ambush predator so they will wait in these areas until they spot a meal that swims by.

Early morning or late afternoon’s produce good fishing activity while bass fishing.  Overcast days or other days with low light conditions produce good results.   A few hours before sunset through a few hours after are the hours that produce best while Bass fishing.

In general the smaller bass’s diet consists more of small insects, whereas the larger adults consume small fish, frogs, salamanders, craw fish ect.

Rooster tails or spinner baits work well in low light days.  My advice is to keep to the live bait whenever possible.   Skimming a rubber frog over a pond that is covered by Lilly pads produces excellent and exciting results.

Tight lines and good luck Bass fishing in Montana.

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