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How to Catch Striped Bass from Shore

A variety of methods can be used to catch striped bass from shore.  Many of the most popular techniques require you to have a decent sized fishing rod with a rather heavy weighted line that is good for long casts.  What many anglers do not consider often is that if you hook into a fairly large […]

How to Catch Blue Catfish

After you have caught some average size freshwater fish and want to give yourself a real fishing challenge you may want to consider fishing for the Blue Catfish.  It is one of the largest freshwater species of fish and delivers one of the best fishing experiences an angler can ask for.  Because of their large size and […]

How to Catch Trout in a River

Trout fishing in a river can be a very exciting experience as it keeps the recreational angler interested for long periods of time.  Generally trout will swim up and down the river throughout the course of a day which means that the potential targets are always changing when fishing a bend in a river.  The […]

What Fishing Line Strength Should I Use

Determining the correct fishing line to use is a critical component to catching more fish.  Very often you will hear anglers tell a fish story of the “one that got away” because their line snapped.  You may also hear some inexperienced angler complain that they fished all day and caught nothing, while the fisherman around […]

Bass Fishing in Ohio

With is various river, ponds and lakes including lake Erie Ohio has much to offer the recreational angler.  It has numerous state parks with plenty of hidden areas to find you Largemouth or Smallmouth bass.  This article will highlight many of the popular bass fishing locations in Ohio as well as offer some useful tips and advice […]

Things Not To Do While Fishing

This website is filled with numerous articles written about tips and advice, but I think it is also important to express the things that you should never do while fishing.  I hope this article helps to educate the next generation of fishermen to have good fishing etiquette.  It upsets me to see fishermen that have […]

Shore Fishing vs. Boat Fishing

When I was younger and fished from shore I always knew that I wanted to have a decent sized fishing boat to help increase my odds of catching more and bigger fish.  I always assumed that fishermen that had boats were all experts and knew exactly where the fish were, as many of them would […]

Fishing for Your Health

Why do so many men and women of all ages feel the need to flock to the ponds, lakes and coastlines every summer to go fishing?  After all, many inexperienced fishermen go home empty handed.  It may seem like a huge waste of time, or is it.  Even though beginner fishermen may not catch fish their […]

Saltwater Fishing for Beginners

Saltwater fishing can be very exciting to a new fisherman, that is if you know where to find the fish and how to catch them.  This article will give you some good tips and advice to get you started.  If this is your first time heading out to the ocean it is always a good […]

Bass Fishing in Montana

Montana is known to have some of the best Trout fly fishing in the country, but there are some fairly large Bass that have been landed from this northern state as well.  You may want to consider a rafting trip on one of its various rivers and stop on the way to land a trophy […]